“Witting Innovation has become a critical member of our team. Their expertise in Excel exceeds that of anyone I’ve ever known; however, it is their ability to creatively solve problems and deliver solutions that set them so far above in my mind. On numerous occasions I have explained to them the vision of what I want to create, with no clue as to how the task could be done. Every time they have solved the problem creating not only the ‘what’ of my vision, but the ‘how.’ Witting Innovation comes with my highest recommendation.” – Nathan W. Practice Financial Group (October 2013)

“Thank you Witting Innovation for providing me with a bespoke, unique and value-adding product & services.

Communication was seamless and working virtually with you was painless.

Albeit the time difference and changes in work scope/business requirements, you were always willing to chat (even at odd hours – out of office times) and make relevant changes,; delivering your services on time and precisely as required.

Thanks for your valuable & innovative ideas and suggestions.

I will definitely be using you again and will be recommending people to you.

Keep up the good work and best wishes – I will be in touch!” – Joy A.  London (August 2013)

“Brent Weight has made my life easier. As a Certified Financial Planner professional I make extensive use of Microsoft’s Excel, but I am no programmer. Brent is able to pick-up where my skill set leaves off. And aside from being an expert in Excel, he has a background in finance, which has helped tremendously in being able to communicate oftentimes difficult concepts. If you have programming needs in Excel, do yourself a favor and contact Brent.” – Don S. (December 2013)

“Working with Brent at Witting Innovation has been fantastic. Working with contractors across the country can always be difficult, but Brent went out of his way to make meeting times work and never missed a deadline. I will definitely be working with Brent on future Excel projects.” – Jeff S. (March 2014)

“We presented Witting Innovation with a set of problems in Excel that we couldn’t solve on our own and that blocked our ability to market an entire product line.

Brent solved the problems and provided innovations for issues we didn’t even realize we had. He did it on time and under budget. I would highly recommend Brent and Witting Innovation and will definitely use them in the future.” – Wallace J. (July 2014)