Data Manipulation and Automatic Report Generation

Here is an example of tool we did for a client to import and manipulate data from another system.
A client was manually processing data files from a piece of lab equipment. This included adding various baseline adjusting calculations, adding second derivative calculations and creating multiple charts and graphs. In all, the client was spending 20 minutes or more on each data file and often repeated the process 3 to 5 times a day.
We developed a custom Excel add-in that was added to every computer in their facility. The add-in had all of the code necessary to automate the entire process and cut down their 20 minutes of work to just seconds. All they had to do was select their custom macro from the tool bar and pick the file they wanted to process. The custom VBA macro did all the rest of the work. At last count, they have been using the system for over 5 years, saving thousands of hours of inefficient work.
See a video demonstration of this project here.

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