Custom Dashboards and Report Cards

Dashboards and Report Cards can be great tools to help manage a business. A great dashboard is one that shows key summary information in an easy to ready graphical manner. The data for dashboards generally comes from one or more internal systems such as accounting, production or sales systems and can be quickly and easily updated.
In this example, a dashboard was created for a large company. The dashboard shows goals and actual numbers for key finance and production metrics. The goals are set on various worksheets within the system. The actual numbers are imported from monthly accounting reports. The user simply presses a button on the spreadsheet and then tells the system which file to import. The file details are then imported into the system. The system then cross references the data and pivots it to get the summary details needed and matches them with the goals. This data is then added to the graphical summaries so that managers can see at a glance how projects and departments are performing. The system was designed to aggregate financial details over many years, with the data being updated monthly, proving a real time, long term view of performance.

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