Automation – Not Just for Factories

Automation is known to increase productivity and improve quality while decreasing errors and wait times. When most people think about automation, they usually think of factories with robots or complex manufacturing equipment used to make millions of widgets. But the reality is automation surrounds us and we use it every day to improve our lives, we just don’t always think of it as automation.

Yes, automation does usually require some form of “machine”, but that technology doesn’t have to be noisy and greasy. Anytime we use a piece of software to do something, we are using automation. What about copy machines and label printers? You could always create copies by hand. Bar code scanners were created specifically to automate the process of entering data.
And just as automation can increase productivity and quality in a factory, automation can be used in any business, no matter what that business is, to improve productivity and quality while reducing errors. Business automation uses many of the same principles and practices as traditional factory automation and is usually much cheaper and easier to implement than a bank of highly sophisticated robots.
So if you own or manage a business, you should really be looking at your processes and applying operations principles and automation – no matter what business you are in.

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